Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Healthy Eating, Family meals, Controlling Portion Sizes, Understanding What To and Why You Eat

The weight loss plan consists of 1 class each week for 6 weeks (you can come to either class each week as they are both roughly the same) each class lasts 60 minutes, with everyone being weighed (nothing is said aloud!) each week. On week one I will go through the programme (everyone should stay if possible to fully understand the plan) and for each of the following 5 weeks there will be a talk and handout covering the main principles of the plan and providing more information and recipes etc. based on relevant topics for effective weight loss.
More discussion on actual food, demonstrations and interactions – to get you motivated and excited and inspired to cook more at home, as well as to check how you are doing and how you can improve.
The most success comes from attending the meetings and listening to / joining in the talk, so I encourage everyone to stay as often as possible.

The next session starts: 9th January 2020
Is held at: either Le Trelade Hotel  or St Martins Community Centre (Professor Shaw Centre)

For new members (or those who haven’t attended in the last two years) the cost is £55.00 and for members who have attended at least 2 full priced sessions within the last two years, the repeat price is now £35.00. If you are interested in joining this programme you must let me know in advance so that I can control numbers and get enough packs prepared.

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