There are a range of functional tests I can offer to help identify underlying imbalances in the body such as hormones or digestion for example. Only accredited laboratories are used and you will receive full instructions on how to complete the test.

Once the results are analysed we discuss at your next consultation how the findings may be contributing to your symptoms and how the information can best be used to help you.

Selection of Available Tests

I work with some of the world's leading laboratories offering detailed assessments of how the body is functioning. Not all of us fit into standard disease categories and reference ranges in order to get answers and support we deserve and if we do, we rarely get an explanation for why the disease has presented. Functional Medicine testing allows us to see underlying imbalances contributing to disease or risk of disease and also allows us to measure disease when it is presenting in less obvious ways.

I have provided some sample reports here to just highlight the kinds of tests that are available. There are however many more:

  • Food Intolerance testing - visit the Lorisian¬†website for more in depth information.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis - view a sample report here.
  • Homocysteine - view a sample report here.
  • Gluten Related Disorders & Cross Reactivity(Array 3 & 4) - view a sample report here.
  • Metabolic Analysis Profile - view a sample report here.
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment - view a sample report here.
  • Toxic Metals - view a sample report here.
  • Female Hormone Panel - view a sample report here.
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Panel - view a sample report here.
  • Adrenal Stress - view a sample report here