“Since seeing Carol I have realised what a massive impact food and drink have on my wellbeing both mental and physical.  She is so supportive and encouraging. I am so pleased that I made that first appointment.  She certainly knows her stuff”

Corinne from St Andrews, Guernsey

I approached Carol after travelling a long road to nowhere with doctors, who had spent nearly a year trying to figure out why I was permanently suffering with being covered in hives and oedema. I felt I was having an allergic type reaction to something, which was affecting my whole body and causing my face to swell up intermittently. Not only did this leave me exhausted and frightened but it was affecting my sleep (being constantly itchy), my work and my stress levels. I had been put on steroids and a hefty dose of of anti histamines which made little difference to my symptoms. The drs basically refused to believe it was an allergy or, as I suspected after much research, a food reaction, but I needed to find a cause as I wanted to come off the medication in order to conceive. After banging my head against a brick wall for so long, I finally contacted Carol, who had previously been recommended by friends and colleagues. Carol quickly deduced that I was having a reaction to food due to intolerance and , after amending my diet under her guidance, and coming off my (non effective) medication, my symptoms all but disappeared in a few weeks. Talk about relief! After some tests and further review, my diet was tweaked some more and all my symptoms vanished. We then concentrated on getting me healthy again and started some prenatal dietry supplements. I was finally able to safely start a family. 5 years on, we have a beautiful daughter and I have no more symptoms. I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without her advice. Thanks again xx eternally grateful 

Sue from St Martins

When I first went to Carol I had been suffering from stomach/bowel issues for a number of years. Following the results of some simple tests Carol identified that I was intolerant to a number of different foods. Following this I altered my diet to eliminate these foods and also took various supplements to rebalance my digestive system. 

6 months later I have had no recurrence of the stomach and bowel issues I had previously been suffering from. We have identified the problem food and I am now reintroducing the other foods in a controlled manner. My eating is healthier. This has not been difficult as rather than having a special diet it has predominantly been down to eating sensibly and the items being cut out have been easy to cut out. Added to this I have lost over 2 stone in weight and I am feeling a lot healthier with better energy levels. Thank you Carol for everything you have done for me.


Stephen from Alderney

‘After being diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2014, I wanted to put myself in the best position, health-wise, prior to, during, and after chemotherapy and immunotherapy, both of which I received in 2016.

Aware that a healthy, balanced diet was crucial in order to achieve this, I made an appointment to see Carol. To this day, I am extremely grateful that I did. Not only did Carol identify how lacking in essential minerals and vitamins my diet was, but she also provided me with a nutritional plan that has served me well since I first saw her. Currently in remission and oncologist consultations increasing from initially every three months to now every nine months, I am extremely grateful to Carol for all her help during a challenging time for myself and my family. Now, more aware of the importance of correct nutrition in order to achieve good health, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who aspires to a healthier life.

I have heard someone say ‘you owe it to your future self to look after yourself today.’ Not bad advice, really.’



Mark from St Andrews

A friend recommended that I see Carol a number of years ago when I was suffering from recurring infections, migraines and stomach problems. Finally after years of suffering I decided to give it a go as I had tried everything else. I wish I had acted on the advice years ago! After some tests Carol suggested that I cut various items from my diet. Although initially this was challenging I gradually began to feel better with more energy and no more migraines or infections. Carol has provided an incredible amount of useful and understandable information and lots of support and advice. My advice is don’t hesitate in seeking Carol’s guidance and stick with it as with a little time and dedication you can feel much healthier and happier. I have no hesitation now in choosing an avocado over a mars bars!

Barbara from Jersey

“My recent life can be described in two parts:- BC – Before Carol AC – After Carol

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About 18 months ago, after a friend had been going to Carol’s Weight Loss Class, I thought I would join. Why? I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight but my diet was dreadful – no breakfast, no lunch and a ready meal for supper! I have an autoimmune disease, felt lethargic, no joy in food or life. Couldn’t be bothered!
And now?  Three meals a day, a renewed interest in food, cooking and reading recipe books. I enjoy being in the kitchen, shopping for good food, fruit and vegetables.
I have more energy, enthusiasm and enjoy being congratulated on how well I look.
Thank you Carol. Through you I have turned my life around!
Amazing Carol”

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From Anonymous

“Having spent the last 30 years battling with my weight after the birth of my first child, having high blood pressure, being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and to top it off with type 2 Diabetes, I felt that I was going to spend the rest of my life on loads of medication. I can’t say I felt well either, as I was always tired, lethargic and finding it hard to cope with everyday things.

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I had a wakeup call whilst on holiday, when I woke at 3am one morning feeling absolutely dreadful (through too much wine, I must admit) so I decided that moment that I needed to change my lifestyle. I was a 58 year old grandmother with twin grandchildren on the way, and I knew that I wanted to live to see them grow up!

From then on I gave up drinking alcohol and thought I needed to concentrate on my eating. My main concern was to get my blood sugar down, as I was getting put on more drugs to treat the diabetes and I‘d been on many drugs for high blood pressure already.

Through a very good friend who had started seeing Carol, I decided to go on a one to one visit to see if she could help me! The first thing Carol said to me was “when you were diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, what did you do?” my reply was “I stopped eating anything with gluten in it.” Well she said “you are diabetic, you don’t eat sugar!” Wow, what a statement, I remember thinking to myself that everybody I knew who were diabetic still ate sugar things sometimes, so why!

I did eat reasonable healthily, as in fresh food, fruit and veg, but we eat later in the evenings and Carol explained that I needed to cut out the heavy carbs at night, as these were turned into sugar and stored as fat!! Also I needed to keep a food diary to realise what and when I was eating, so that I could recognise where I might be going wrong, if necessary.

This was the beginning of a complete new challenge to me, just like being diagnosed as Coeliac, and not having gluten,  I had to apply the same to the sugar statement!

From then on, I have not looked back. I began to feel so much better in myself. People noticed the change in me and the weight just gradually seemed to fall off. I have lost 2 stone in the last 18 months and I feel amazing. I am very conscious of what I put in my body and I challenge myself with new ways to make food exciting as well as healthy.

I am on just a small amount of medication now, as the weight loss has regulated the way my body now copes. I can honestly say that visiting Carol has been the best thing that I have done, as she made me realise so much more how food can affect the way you feel. She is so interesting to talk to and seems able to explain about foods in an understandable way.

I now have 4 grandchildren and enjoy looking after them very much. I don’t think I would have coped so well if I hadn’t felt better. I am still trying out new recipes, which is enjoyable, and am finding out much more what I can eat without it affecting my blood sugar levels.

I will never go back to my bad eating habits as I enjoy the way I feel now much more!

I have a lot to be grateful to Carol for, for getting me on the right track. Many thanks Carol.”

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“A friend suggested that I go and see Carol as I was struggling to lose weight, I was sleeping badly and my blood sugar levels were high. My initial meeting with Carol was really insightful, I found her very knowledgeable and helpful. Carol spotted what the potential problem was, we agreed a course of action and it was great – I started to see and feel results quickly –  my weight started to come off, I generally slept much better, had more energy and, most importantly, my blood sugar came back into a normal range”


“I have used Carol twice, the first time with my daughter who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 18. We consulted Carol having decided to adopt Professor Hunters diet to see if that would help her  in place of the unpleasant medications that she was on. We were both impressed with firstly, her vast knowledge of the subject and secondly her sheer practicality – what began as a huge list of every food my daughter would like to eat being forbidden, became, after an hour of Carols calm and sensible advice, a diet plan that worked for my daughter and was easy to follow.  I am thrilled to say that five years on, my daughter has been free of Crohns symptoms since adopting the diet and has just commenced re-introducing foods.

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The second time was on my own behalf, a significant birthday and a myriad of niggling health issues combined with a Dr’s instruction to start taking supplements found me back at her door. Again, everything that she told me made perfect sense. Seven weeks into the new lifestyle my health has improved vastly. I have lost weight and am full of energy. I cannot thank her enough!”

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Helen from Castel

“Carol’s Healthy Eating Sessions were the catalyst for feeling so much better about myself.

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Very slowly over 20/30 years my weight had crept upwards to 14st. With damage to one ankle and one knee I knew less weight would help. Inspired by the London 2012 Olympics I wanted to feel fit and healthy, as I did in my 20’s, even though I was heading towards 60.

Now 3 years later with a wealth of information and support from Carol and the Group, I keep my weight between 11 & 11st 7lbs. I have more energy, less migraine and my joints are much improved.

I still attend the Healthy Eating Sessions, always learning something new and staying focused on caring for my body”

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Helen from St Sampson, Guernsey