Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will last an hour and fifteen minutes, during which we will discuss your symptoms, your health history and diet. I will explain to you what the underlying issues may be, linking the systems involved with your symptoms and explain what foods may benefit you in this situation. This may also involve recommending functional testing*.

During your first appointment we will agree on a plan for you to follow between consultations. You will receive a personalised programme on diet, exercise and supplements, where appropriate, that will include recipes and detailed explanations as required.

Current cost: £85.00

You will need the minimum of one follow-up appointment.

Between consultations I offer free telephone and email support and will aim to reply within 48hrs.

Follow up Consultations

During this forty-five minute consultation I will review the progress you have made and celebrate any measurable improvements in your symptoms. There may be aspects of the plan that you have struggled with, but these can be discussed and adapted where necessary.

If you have decided on any test the results are a key part of the consultation and often requires changes to your programme. You will always receive copies of the test results and any necessary background information.

Cost of the Follow- up: £50.00

Functional Testing - Testing how your body is functioning is done via blood, urine, saliva or stool samples and provides me with a confirmation of what the suspected underlying problem may be and to what extent this is. These tests can greatly influence the recommendations provided and I can target your programme more precisely - so tests are an extremely useful tool.

How many consultations will you need?

Most clients need a minimum of three consultations, but some clients need to have more. This depends on your health and the programme, to what extent your health concerns are affecting you and how much support you need.

It can take a long time to get to a diseased state and therefore it can take time to undo these issues and see the improvements.

This process is dependent on your compliance to the program and can also be influenced but the problems you are experiencing. Some people can struggle to change their lifestyle due to lifestyle, personal commitments, finances etc, but I can give you lots of support to help you find the best way to achieve your goals.